"Came here to limber up before hiking in the Sierras. Debbie was super professional, great to talk to, and adjusted the massage to focus on the areas with the most tension (my feet and legs) 10/10 would go here again."


"I visited great hands massage and it was a wonderful experience, Debbie was extremely friendly and took her time on all my sore spots and I loved her body pillows which I had never used before, she was also a great listener, it's nice to get a massage and feel fully refreshed and rejuvenated after wards, will definitely be seeing her soon 😊"


"Just received my second massage from Debbie. I live in Arizona and found Great Hands Massge the last time I was in town. The office is very clean and nice. The private massage room is very clean, with nice music. Debbie is a very caring person and will taylor your massage to your need. She will always ask if there any problem areas. Give Debbie a call and set up an appointment and I am sure you will be back."


"Love it! She is amazing. Went for a sport massage and she left my tight muscles feeling loose. I definitely go back and see her."


"Making an appointment is easy Debbie returns phone calls quickly. I had a one hour deep tissue massagethat was just what I needed. I am middle-aged and active with a lot of 'kiks'. I am new to the area, but a 12 year veteran of hot stone and deep tissue massage. Debbie was attentive and asked for regular imput regarding the amount of pressure she use. She will be my go to therapist in Bakersfield. I highly recommendGreat Hands!"


"Super friendly, clean office and very personable. I felt comfortable and got a great massage!"


"Went to Debbie today for the first time. Very reasonable price, and it was a very good massage. You can tell that Debbie enjoys what she does. It's worth giving her a try, then you will be going back. Have my appointment in two weeks."


"I have been going to Great Hands Massage Therapy for about 10 years or so and I have to say it is one of the best massages. I live out of town and whenever I am in town it is nice to relax and get some knots and tension rubbed out of my back and shoulders and that is exactly what she does. I have never had a complaint and in fact I lok forward to my massage from Debbie every time I'm in town. She makes sure there are always fresh clean linens on the table and the cushions she uses are so comfortable, you feel as if you just melt into the table. I have highly recommended her to all my friends and family and continue to do so."


"I've been going to Deborah for several years and I enjoy her massages very much. She has a very pleasant room. (recently expanded into a room twice as large) and makes sure I am comfortable at each session. She ask each time any problem areas and holds conversation to a minimum therefore, because I prefer not to talk, just take in all her massage. She finishes with a cloth wipe down over the massaged areas, and it actually feels very good. She offers gifts certificates and I ask my wife to give these to me for Christmas and my birthday, so I can go once a month. If there is anything I do or do not like, I tell her...this works fine for me. She is very comfortable with any suggestions and a very pleasant lady. Enjoy."


"Great Massage. I jave been there several times and always have had a great massage. I alwys have a lot of knots, in my neck/shoulders/backs and Deborah always gets rid of all the knots."


"Given that I travel extensively, both by car and plane my body takes a beating and Debbie's massages really allow me to relax and reduce any pain sensation. I have had massages in numerous countries and within the United Stares but Debbie's are the best. I have never experienced the body-cushions until at Debbie's and they are fantastic. I never want to experience a "flat massage table" again. She really cares about your comfort and improving your health. Great job!!!"


"I was diagnosed with a severe case of Fibromyalgia a few years ago. I’ve tried many alternative treatments but avoided massage because I found touch painful. Debbie is fantastic. She is able to work out my muscle kinks and relax me without putting pressure on any of my painful pressure points. The massages have become a great addition to my pain management regime. Last week I had the pleasure of using her new body pillows and I never want to go back to a flat table again. Thanks so much Debbie for making me feel better."


"Love the new pillows Debbie. Really helped the girls feel comfy"


"Been having problem with back & sciatic nerve. After one visit I felt better than I have in years. I am going back on a regular basis. My daughters have been telling me of the benefits of massage and now I believe them. Can t wait until my next appointment. Debra is the best."


"I've always been a believer of the benefits of massage and have been having massage treatments for many years through different therapists, spas, cruise ships, etc. I have been a client of Debbie's for about a year now and have always felt as good as new after each treatment. I always get the 1.5 hours deep tissue massage and it is money very well spent. In fact, I think its time for another massage for me. :-)"


"Debra is amazing! I had a deep tissue massage and left feeling utterly relaxed!Went for a prenatal massage and it was wonderful. Debbie is very nice and professional. Very happy. I have had many massages before, however, this one was the best massage I've ever had. This was no sissy massage that I usually waste my money on. This was an enjoyable and beneficial massage. Debbie knows how to do a REAL massage. Well worth it!"


"THX mucho" Debbie did a great job--I was in Bakersfield on business and badly needed a massage after running a marathon 3 days prior and sitting at adesk for the 2 days inbetween. Very reasonable prices, and responsive, quality work. I travel frequently and have had massages in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. Debbie is on my top 3 list."


"Great Massage!Debra is willing to tailor my massage to meet my needs. Very friendly quiet enviroment. The price is value for my money too."


"I am a president of a small company and spend alot of time in meetings and on planes. I found Debbie (Great Hands Massage Therapy) about a year ago and have had several massages from her. I can not say enough good things about her service. I have come to look upon her massages as the world's best 90 minute vacation. She gives the BEST massage I have ever had. Her rates are reasonable and in fact I think she should charge at least $20 more per hour and it would still be a bargin."


"What a Great Friend"
"When I went to Great Hands Massage it was a recomendation of a friend. What a Great Friend! Debbie is the best!! I felt so great after the massage I told her that she should change the name to: "Heavenly Hands Massage Therapy"! I recommend her not only because its's a wonderful experience, but it is affordable too! Thanks Debbie I'll be back soon!!!"


"I travel 40+ weeks of the year. I traveled through Bakersfield and had some back problems while in the area. I looked online to find a respecful massage therapist. I found Debbie and was very grateful I did. She has amazing knowledge of the muscle groups and helped me very much with my back. Great conversation, Great prices, and Great massage. If you're looking for a TRUE Therapist go to Great Hands Massage."


"Hurt of the very good kind!" As a dentist and cyclist, I develop a lotof pain and tension in my back, neck, shoulders, and legs. I've had several massages, most of which are relaxing and feel good, but fail to dig deep into the muscles to release the lactic acid and soreness. Very few massage therapist have the strength and expertise to dig deep. Debra definitely has the skills. For those athetes and professionals out there that like a little necessary pain during masssages, Debra will take care of you. She can also making it relaxing for those wimps out there!"


"I received a massage from Debbie at "Great Hands Massage". It was my first experience. I was about 10 minutes late to my appointment. I assumed she would reschedule me; however, she gladly accepted me and told me not to worry about it. I immediately knew she was a caring person and wanted to tak care of me whether she knew me or not. The massage was going so well, and I knew my hour was ending. I asked Debbie if she could continue for another half an hour. She told me she had prior obligations and could not continue. She made a phone call and told me she would set her obligations aside and massage me for an additional 30 min. Debbie put me first before her obligation. Debbie is truly a caring individual and has alot of experience and training in massage therapy. Her massage was excellant and I feel great!! Thank You Debbie!!"


"I am a Manager and have a lot of job related stress build up over time. Debbie did a wonderful job in helping to release the tension, especially in my neck and shoulders. I highly recommend her services to help relax stiff-sore muscles related to stress."


"I recently had the pleasure of being a first time client of Great Hands Massage Therapy. Debbie was warm and inviting and did a fantastic job. Debbie listens to her clients and renders the best service possible. I left feeling like a new woman! I would recommend Great Hands Massage Therapy."


"She's Wonderful" I have been to afew other massage places but I would only feel okay for maybe a day. I feel as if I wasted my money for nothing. I went to Great Hands Massage one time and she fixed me up. I am calling to go make another appointment soon. I am excited to find out if I will have less pain every time I go. I am young and have had back problems for a long time now and I have confidence that she will be able to help me more with time."


"You Have To Try Great Hands" "Fortunately for me, I found other reviews giving Great Hands excellant ratings. I decided to try it out and am so glad I did! Not only did I purchase a full hour, I purchased another hour immediately after the first! Debra put me at complete ease and total relaxation. There were a couple of times she asked me whether she was applying too much pressure or too little--I was so relaxed that I could not immediaely respond until she re-asked the question! I highly recommend Debra to anyone looking for a true, professional massage. You will be happy you gave her buisiness."